RULES FOR Drawing:

Over $5000 in prizes donated from wonderful sponsors

$5 donation for each raffle ticket

All money raised go towards field and safety improvement projects.

Tickets will be draw on May 20th (Need not be present to win) and winners will be contacted about their prize and where and when to pick it up.

You can contact [email protected] if you want to buy tickets

Below is a complete list of sponsors and items donated. Please Visit them and remember to say thank you for supporting us.

$50 Gift Card Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants

$25 Gift Card

4 Terrace level Seats any game

Swag Package

2 3 hour Electric Bike Rental

1 hour massage

$500 sports basket

Black Stone 32” Griddle

Gift Card

1 night stay

1 night stay

Golf for 2

Golf for 2

Golf for 2

$20 gift car

$50 gift card

$50 gift card

$25 gift card

Assorted Free pizzas

Oral-B Gift box

Free Cookies

Char-Broil 32” Griddle

$50 Gift card

Catering Package

$25 Gift Card

$50 Atomic Bowling

2 night stay with $75 gift card food

Kids Bike

Box seats for 4 with Swag

Dinner cruise for 2

$100 gift card with Basket

Amarillo Executive Chair

Gift card and Basket

Wrist bands

Kids Scooters

$40 Gift Card Outback Steakhouse

8” Nothing Bundt Cake ($40) Delicious Bundt Cakes - Nothing Bundt Cakes







*No purchase necessary – to claim a free raffle ticket must be present at GRLL Hit A Thon, May 20th and contact the raffle coordinator.

Fundraising Sponsors

Local Sponsors