EVENT DATE: MAY 20, 2023 10AM – 1PM

Bombing Range Sports Complex




-          A Dunk Tank

o    You can nominate someone to get dunked for $20. Then nominated person can either get dunked or nominate a different person for $20

-          VR Trailer will be on site for a full Immersion experience

-          Free Spudnuts in morning for those helping and arriving early

-          Free Hotdogs for all kids who come down to compete

-          Concessions will be open for other food as well including a Snow Cone Machine

-          Police and Fire will be there to visit with

-          Special appearance from Dusty the Dust Devil

-          GRLL Hit-A-Thon. This is being co-executed (first 10 hits/pitches) with the GRLL Home Run Derby or the MLB Home Run Derby

-          MLB Home Run Derby (use QR Code to register)

o    Ages Kindergarten - 14 yrs old (Based on Age of Kid as of NOVEMBER 15th)

o    Based on number of HRs from 25 pitches or in 2 minutes (whichever occurs first)

o    Pitching Machine ~40pmh

o    Pre-registration recommended (must register to compete)

o    Winners also move to Regionals MLB Home Run Derby

-          GRLL Home Run Derby (kids eligible if not competing in the MLB Home Run Derby)

o    All GRLL Players are eligible

o    Age Based on following:

§  T Ball – criteria is 10 successful ball-bat contacts from Coach Pitch

§  Single A – criteria is the #of HRs out of 10 coach-pitched balls which land (first ball to ground contact) in outfield. Kid(s) with most HRs receive a prize.

§  Double A, Triple A, and Majors – HR criteria is the # of HRs out of 10 total pitching machine pitches (~30-35mph) which make first contact with ground at marked locations in outfield

·         9 yr old Division

·         10 yr old Division

·         11 yr old Division

·         12 yr old Division



-          MLB Skills Pitch, Hit, Run Challenge (Use QR Code to Register)

o    Ages 7- 14

o    Age Divisions (Based on Age of Kid as of NOVEMBER 15th)

§  7-8 yr old Division

§  9-10 yr old Division

§  11-12 yr old Division

§  13-14 yr old Division

o    pre-registration recommended (must register to compete)

o    Winners will move onto Regionals MLB Skills Challenge

-          Coach and parent Home Run Derby (GRLL - $5 entry fee)

-          Little League night at the Dust Devils game

o    May 20th 6:30-8:30 pm

o    Use QR Code with password GRLL23 ($8/ticket)

o    fireworks after the game


Agenda and Rules:
8:00-11:00 –  Free donuts [Club House] – Volunteer Setup

10:00–12:00 –  Hit-A-Thon [Field 4 = T Ball/Single A, Field 3 = Double A, Field 2 = Triple A/Majors]

MLB Home Run Derby [Field 2]

GRLL Home Run Derby [Field 4 = T Ball/Single A, Field 3 = Double A, Field 2 = Triple A/Majors]

MLB Skills Challenge [Field 1]

10:00-13:00 –  Dunk Tank Open [Club House]

                        Raffle Ticket Sales [Club House]

11:00-13:00 –  Free Hotdogs [Club House]

12:15-12:30 –  Kids Raffle TIX Drawing [Club House] (Must be present to win)

Home Run Derby winners announced [Club House]

12:30 – Adult Home Run Derby [Field 2]

14:00 – Drawing for BIG Prizes [Club House] (Need not be present to win)




Field 1 10:00-12:00 – MLB Skills Competition -Pitch - Hit - Run                   

·         Age 7-14 (Based on Age of Kid as of NOVEMBER 15th)

·         Players will Throw 5 balls from 45 feet away at a target strike zone, Points awarded for hitting target and bonus for hitting center circle.

·         Players will run 90 ft and time will factor for total points. 2 tries.

·         Players will hit 5 balls off a tee. Points based on distance the ball lands, not rolls.


Field 2 10:00-12:00 – AAA and Majors Hit-A-Thon & MLB Home Run Derby

·         ~ Age 10-14 (Based on Age of Kid as of NOVEMBER 15th)

·         25 pitches (Pitching Machine 40 MPH)

·         First 10 pitches will count as the Hit-A-Thon scoring

·         All 25 pitches will be scored towards the MLB Home Run Derby


Field 3 10:00-12:00 – Double A and Triple A and Major Division Hit-a-Thon & GRLL Home Run Derby

·         ~ Age 9-12 10 pitches (Pitching Machine ~30-35 MPH)

·         A “home run” will count as any ball that makes first contact with ground at or beyond a marked location in the outfield (based on age/division)

·         Top Home Run Player at age 9, 10, 11, and 12 will receive a prize


Field 4 10:00-12:00 – T Ball and Single A Hit-a-Thon & GRLL Home Run Derby

·         ~ Age 4-8

·         T Ball players will win a prize if they get 10 out of 10 hits from coach pitch (hit is any contact between bat and ball)

·         T Ball players can opt for hitting 10 balls and hit from a tee (not participate in the GRLL HR Derby) for the Hit-a-thon

·         Single A players a “home run” will count as any ball that makes first contact with ground in the grass of the outfield.

·         Single A top Home Run player will receive a prize




Register and Collect Donations using QR Code


Prizes by dollars raised per kid (Benchmark)

$10- $100 Free Outback Joey Meal & DQ Blizzard (1 Kid Raffle TIX)

$101-200 GRLL Shirt and Sunglasses (2 Kid Raffle TIX)

$201-300 2 Movie Tickets (3 Kid Raffle TIX)

$301-500 Dust Devils Family 4 Pack tickets (5 Kid Raffle TIX)

$501-1000 Quadcopter Drone (8 Kid Raffle TIX)

$1001+ Nintendo Acc. Package (11 Kid Raffle TIX)


PRIZES: Individual (Overall Raised)

1st – Nintendo Switch

2nd – ZIP Board Deluxe

3rd – 10th – Seattle Mariners Hat

PRIZES: TEAM (Overall raised)

Prize for Top earning team per Division (Tball, A, AA, AAA, Majors)

**(prizes are picked in descending order of money raised)


·         Jersey Mikes Catered Movie night

·         Bullseye Laser Tag Party

·         Pool party at CBRC (June  24th) 2 teams

·         Bowling Party @ Atomic Bow


These are raffle tickets and prizes that only eligible to GRLL players are eligible to earn and receive.

Ways the players can earn a Kids Raffle Tix:

o    Every 10 Fundraiser Raffle Ticket Sold = 1 Kids Raffle Tix

o    Earned based on reaching Hit-A-thon Money Raised Benchmarks (see section “Hit-A-Thon Player/Team Prizes”)

o    If they came to Field Day = 1 Kids Raffle Tix

o    If they Come to the Hit-A-Thon on May 20th = 1 Kids Raffle Tix

o    For every 30 Minutes they help shag balls at the Hit-A-Thon = 1 Kids Raffle Tix

o    For every hour they helped at Mens Expo = 1 Kids Raffle Tix



·         Ping Pong Table

·         Hover ZIP Board with Safety gear

·         Nintendo Switch Lite

·         Nintendo Switch Accessory Package

·         2 Kids Bikes

·         6 Scooters of different colors and sizes

·         Dozens of Nerf Guns

·         Bowling tickets

·         Arcade Cards

·         Crumbl Cookies Coupons

·         3 Demarini Ball bags

·         Baseball bats

·         Backpacks

·         Frisbees

·         $25 Adventure underground Gift Card

·         And more .........


·         Top Team Raffle Ticket Sales Winner = VR PARTY

·         Top Individual Raffle Ticket Sales Winner = Special Prize



FIELD 1 – Majors Field (Possible setup Friday)

0800 hours – Setup for HIT RUN PITCH competition – Need markers put up for different Hit levels

Need cones marked off in grass off to West side of field for Run Comp 90Ft

Need Pitch marked off on East side warm up mound and Target hung (Possible Second Location as well)

1000-1200 hours – Open for HIT RUN AND PITCH – Can be done in any order, Send to area with least people.

1200 -1230 Hours - Field Closed

1230-1300 hours – Finish up any missing competition

1300-1400 hours – Clean up


FIELD 2 – 1 Pitcher & 1 Scorekeeper (kids shag balls)

0800 hours – Setup for Majors and AAA MLB Home Run Derby and Hit A thon. (Pitching Machine)

1000-1200 hours – OPEN HOME RUN DERBY (25 pitches) and Hit A thon (first 10 pitches, if needed)

1200 -1230 Hours - Field Closed

1230-1300 Hours – Home Run Derby Final 12U & 14U top 2

1300 hours Clean Up


FIELD 3 – 1 Pitcher & 1 Scorekeeper (kids shag balls)

0800 hours – Setup for A-AA Hit A thon/home Run Derby, Need Field Marked for AA Home Run line (Halfway to outfield), Single A home run will be clearing infield. Make sure Full sheets are on clipboard for AA and A.

1000-1200 hours – OPEN Hit A thon AA and A

1200 -1230 Hours - Field Closed (Potential Hit off for any ties in AA and A Home Run Derby)

1230 Adult Home Run Derby


FIELD 4 - 1 Pitcher & 1 Scorekeeper (kids shag balls)

0800 hours – Setup for A and T-Ball Hit A thon/Home run derby, NO FIELD MARKING REQUIRED, Single A home run will be clearing infield, T-Ball will be awarded if 10 for 10 on hits pitched. Make sure Full sheets are on clipboard for A and T-Ball.

1000-1200 hours – OPEN Hit A thon A and T Ball

1200 -1230 Hours - Field Closed

1230 hours – Finish any Hit A thon who have not completed.



Club house –

0800 hours – Setup fields, Donut Table, Setup Raffle Prizes, Tables for Hot dog feed.

1000-1100 hours – Free donuts, raffle ticket sales. Dunk Tank open

1100-1300 hours – Free Hotdogs and raffle ticket sales, Dunk Tank open

1215-1230 hours – Kids Raffle and A and AA Home run derby winners announced

1230 hours – Begin Cleanup and Adult Home Run Derby

1400 hours – Drawing for BIG Prizes


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